Upper Body


Underarms $18


Full Back  $50

Half Back  $30


Chest  $28

Stomach  $28

Stomach Strip $10


Full Arm  $49

Upper Arm  $28

Lower Arm $28

Shoulders $20



Other Services


Brow Tinting  $15

Lash Tinting  $20

Brow & Lash Tinting Combo $33 


Beneath the Underwear

BROzillian $65

Bare is better! Includes removal of all hair from the  top, sides, sack & between the cheeks. 


BROkini $55

Removes all hair from the top, sides, and sack. Does not include the butt strip.


Speedo $40

Removes hair outside of the speedo line.


Full Butt $40

Want a bare butt? This is for you.


Butt Strip $25

Hairy Crack? The butt strip is for you.

Lower Body


Full Legs (Soft Wax) $68

Full Legs (Hard Wax) $78

Upper Legs $42

 Lower Legs  $40

Knees $15

Feet $15



Eyebrow $18


Nose  $10


Ears  $12

Cheeks $12

Hairline $15


*Listed above are our most popular services. We do provide more waxing services. If interested in a waxing service that is not listed above, please let us know.