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Shhh.. The Secret is..

In Our Wax

Here at The Wax Pot™, we use a very gentle, stripless, European hard wax that is nearly painless compared to others. What's the difference you might ask? The beauty of our hard wax is, once applied to the skin, the wax immediately hardens...shrink-wrapping the hairs. It does not stick to your skin, & there are no strips involved! No more days of tenderness and irritation following your wax appointment!


For added comfort, we apply a pre-wax oil just before every wax as an added protective barier to the skin.


You feel the hair coming out from the follicle but you don't feel that painful ripping sensation that soft wax causes.  Once you have discovered our wax, you'll wonder why everyone isn't using it! So come in and try it out and then tell all of your friends! ;) 

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